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Why have a “Stewardship” approach to “life” ?

It seems that God wants us to use the blessings that are around us… and to use them wisely(Proverb 3:5-10, Hebrews 13:5)  The Bible states that we are to "image" and "reflect" God's nature and ways into the world around. (Gen 1:26-31) How we handle our "stuff" and our "time" are part of being His image.  There is also a spot of freedom in our hearts that we are invited to live at by recognizing God's ownership of everything. (Deut. 8:18) 

Stewardship of our time, talents, and treasures is a way of interacting with the world that allows us to experience a God-centered life.  It is clear throughout the Bible that this is something that God wants us to experience.  Generosity is something that God encourages us to feel and experience. (Dt 16:17, Lk 6:30, 2Cor 9:6-15)   Teamwork is something that He wants us to be a part of and feel.

The beauty of the biblical challenge to give generously is that it is undefined.  Possibly, true generosity, joy, and trust are connected with 6%,  or18%, or 35% for you.  However you choose to steward God’s stuff, may you find joy in the healthy opportunity of SHARING them with others and BEING HIS CHURCH!

At Our Savior Lutheran Church we are thankful for the teamwork of good stewards like you and pray that you enjoy being a steward of what You have been blessed with.  We are thankful for the opportunities that we have to team up together as Jesus’ disciples.

Thank YOU for the Teamwork!

Our Savior Lutheran Church is all about being "disciples of Jesus".

A chuch home... is a healthy part of life!  


We are part of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod and share the truth and freedom of the Good News. 


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Some Questions to ask about “Giving”! 

"Why should I give"? ...and if I do "What Amount"? 

The basic goal is to handle our "stuff" in a God-centered way.  You might have heard the term "Tithing"... well that is not the goal!   Giving 10% of earnings (tithing) is a fine approach that someone might take in handling their resources… but it doesn't address the motivation inside of a believer of "why" to give.  Generosity and joy are the why! 

So, what is your motivation to give?   The first step is to recognize that all we have is from God.  It's been handed to me to use wisely.  Shoud I use it all on myself?   Now…  we can ask ourselves some probing questions concerning generosity, how much, finding joy, and living God-centered.

Now.. ask yourself some of these questions below… concerning the "why" and "what" of stewardship. 

     -  Does “giving” a tithe feel like some sort of a membership fee to deal with and then all will be well with God?      -  Does God have a shortage of stuff and needs you to help Him out?    -  Does “giving” actually bring you joy?  

* We are encouraged to "give" as a wise way of handling God's stuff that He lends us to use!  SO... what amount do I give to church?   

Churches function on the combined blessings of their members.  These “offerings” are a reflection of the individuals making a connection to the “stuff” they have… as a blessing from God… and thus something to be used for His Kingdom.     SO… the question to really ask is not “How much should I give”?   It really is “How much do I need to keep for myself”? 

Everything that we have belongs to God (1 Chron 29:10-15). Even when we earn something with our own hard work, we are really using the skills God gave us to use (Psalm 144:1). (Maybe ask…why did He bless you with these?)  If God gives us time, treasures, and talents and asks us to be stewards of these… then the question How much do I need to keep seems very appropriate.