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Being "Disciples of Jesus"

A Church home is healthy! 


Wherever you are at on your journey of faith, we are glad you are here.         

At this church home, people from all walks of life come together to explore, grow, and be nourished in their relationship with God. 

All that we do centers around a personal relationship with Jesus as Savior, and being His disciples.  


Our Sunday Schedule -  You're Invited!

Take note:  Nov. and Dec Worship Schedule

              November 26th  9:30 am Unity Worship (one service)

              December 3rd and 10th 8:15 Traditional   10:30 Contempory Worship

              December 17th Unity Service with Childrens Musical featured

              December 24th 9:30 am  (4th Sunday of Advvent) Unity Service 

               Decemeber 24th Christmas Eve Candlelight Worship  4:30 and 6:30 pm 

               Decemebr 31  9:30 Unity Worship

Explore our "Learning Workshop" on Christ in the Old Testament

watch:   Video session 1 here

For furthur exploring and study: download the "HANDOUT" with Bible verses here

(hopefully the new web site is up by next week with much clearer link connections)