About Lutheran

The simple answer is that a Lutheran is a Christian; someone that’s a disciple of Jesus.  But, as we know some people define Christianity in different ways.  So… in the LCMS (Lutheran Church Missouri Synod) we use a  very healthy, solid foundation  to define our walk as Christians. These documents are called the Lutheran Confessions. These are summary statements (from the Reformation) defining the basic doctrines found in the Bible concerning Jesus, and what it means that He is our Savior. 

Our Savior Lutheran Church uses the Lutheran Confessions as our core doctrine.  We are an evangelical, confessional Christian church. 

 Here’s the story... Martin Luther began something in 1517 when he publicly questioned some of the ways that “church” was functioning and what was being taught.  This led to “The Reformation”.  In 1580, after many years of various groups making different claims about Christianity, the Christians being called “Lutherans” came out with an official summary of doctrine with the Book of Concord. 

Within the Book of Concord are the various documents called the “Lutheran Confessions”. The  Lutheran Church Missouri Synod  (LCMS)  accepts the Scriptures as the inspired and inerrant Word of God and subscribes unconditionally to these Lutheran Confessions as a true and unadulterated statement and exposition of the Word of God.  

The Confessions give us a solid, consistent ground for sharing God’s Word.

Some Christian denominations vote on what they will believe or follow an individual leader.  The Confessions give a solid, clear, unchanging, binding authority on what is taught and how we function as God’s church.  This is what binds us as a denomination. Worship styles may vary and church leadership structures may vary, but the Confessions assure the sharing of the true Gospel and the proper handling of God’s Sacraments. The Reformation was not a “revolt,” or the start of a new church. Rather, it began as a sincere expression of concern with false and/or misleading teachings concerning the truth.  The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod maintains the truth and freedom of the Gospel as consistently expressed from the early Christian Church.

Unfortunately no, this is not the case.  Churches in the LCMS pledge that they will use the Lutheran Confessions in teaching and in church practices.  Also, Scripture is held to BE  the true Word of God.

Other Lutheran denominations hold the position of “using”, or consulting the Lutheran Confessions, but are not bound by them.  Also, Scripture is seen as “containing” the Word of God, but will not say that ALL Scripture is God’s Word.  Thus, many churches using the term “Lutheran” in their name do not hold to the same Christian truths that we do.