What Are the Lutheran Confessions?

We use the word “confession” in a variety of ways today. A young man confesses his love for his fiancee. A criminal confesses to a felony. Christians confess their sins to a fellow believer or at the appropriate time in the church service. The Lutheran Confessions are something quite different from all that. They are […]

News Post 4

Si enim ad populum me vocas, eum. Quicquid enim a sapientia proficiscitur, id continuo debet expletum esse omnibus suis partibus; Piso, familiaris noster, et alia multa et hoc loco Stoicos irridebat: Quid enim? Potius inflammat, ut coercendi magis quam dedocendi esse videantur. Utinam quidem dicerent alium alio beatiorem! Iam ruinas videres. Istic sum, inquit. At […]

Madagascar Mission Team Returns

With thanks to God for this Medical Mission trip, we made it back safe and sound!  Thanks to all who prayed and supported us, we return with a great appreciation for the comforts of a modern home! I speak for the whole team in the feeling that going to a third world country such as […]

Mega Earth Day April 19th

WE HAD A GREAT TIME AT MEGA EARTH DAY! Praise God for the 32 kids that joined us for a day learning about God’s creation, playing games, working on crafts, and more! Many of the children were from outside our church, and we received great feedback about the event, as well as many inquiries about when the […]