Madagascar Mission Team Returns

With thanks to God for this Medical Mission trip, we made it back safe and sound!  Thanks to all who prayed and supported us, we return with a great appreciation for the comforts of a modern home!
I speak for the whole team in the feeling that going to a third world country such as Madagascar was a life and attitude adjusting experience for all of us.  We are now acutely aware of the vast number of things we take for granted such as the availability of education, medical and dental care, medications, tooth brushes, toothpaste, eyeglasses, vitamins, traffic lights, roads without pot holes, running water, and washing machines for a start.
It was amazing how patient and disciplined the folks that came to be seen at the clinics were. There was no complaining, pushing, or raised voices even though they often walked for many miles and often waiting for many hours. In fact, many were so soft spoken that it was difficult to hear them.
 As my role at triage it was encouraging when people reported medical issues that the medical team were then able to treat such as infections, skin rashes, pain management, along with wound and even the occasion of minor surgery!. What was extremely difficult were the many cases that we did not have the capacity to care for such as dental care, tumors that were way past medical management, chronic breathing difficulties, long term management of blood pressure issues and so many more. We saw 1607 people over 4 days of clicnics.
Two of the most wonderful of Gods children here on this earth are Dr Harrison Sahalanirina and his wife Domoina! Their life ministry of caring for their Madagascar brothers and sisters is one of the most generous acts of love that I have ever experienced in my lifetime.  …Ann
A big thank you to Joanna Machain for organizing this trip and being an amazing team leader,  from your mission team 2023.

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